Back Pain

Why Physio Treatment for Back Pain is a Highly Recommended?

The back is one of the most susceptible body parts when it comes to injury. It is very easy for one to bend and when they are coming back to the standing position, several muscles and joints are caught off guard. As such as many people will live on medication from here on. They should realize that feeling better is entirely different from getting better. One should try looking for solutions that should help them get better in the long run. One of those methods is physio therapy which could greatly help with your back pain. 

The first and most important thing that a physio therapy does is trying to find the root cause of the problem. This is vital in making sure that you actually get better and lasting results with a higher success rate. Though tricky, it is one that offers very good results once the problem is identified. 

For first episode patients, it is always recommended that one uses the classic low back stretching exercises. These are very important in helping loosen any tense muscles or help any joints that could have been out of place jump back in place. However, in the event that this does not do it and the patient suffers second episodes, then that shows that the first round of therapy did not cut it and the therapist can now employ a different regiment to try and rectify the problem. 

At times, back problems could be caused by hap hazard movement of the back muscles. The most misconceived part here is that the aching parts are the joints but in most cases these are muscles that are stiff in an effort to protect the underlying joints. By going for physio therapy, one is able to get the tension relieved. This is important because even if you take prescription drugs it will ease the pain but definitely not the stiffness. 

The use of core strength and stability to treat back pain is another method that is very effective in treating back pain. However, it is worth noting that the core stability alone does not get the job done. This has to be fused with the correct activation of all the muscles that are in the surrounding in a dynamic and functional style so that it is able to serve the purpose and hence is able to relive the pain and also reduce the tension and the muscles pulling at each other. 

Your hamstrings muscles may be tense or so they may feel. In actual sense, this pain could be as a result of the sciatic nerve instructing the hamstring to tighten in an effort to protect itself. As long as you take meds, you will never be able to sort this problem which could be as simple as changing your pelvic position when you stretch your hamstring. 

It is worth noting that all prescription drugs do is provide numbness for the period that they are active. However, the problem is that as much as this method maybe more preferred especially because there is no more amount of pain felt, it does cause you a lot of suffering since you will have to rely on the medication. Physio therapy on the other hand maybe painful but once the treatment is done, the benefits can’t be overlooked. This is mostly because unlike drugs that mask the pain, physio addresses the problem from its core which is how it is eliminated.

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