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Why Sports Physiotherapy helps athletes more than drugs and surgery

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is a branch of Physiotherapy that specializes in dealing with sports injuries.

Athletes are constantly in the process of exerting intense pressure to their muscles and bones to bring out the maximum performance. Injuries, in this process, are inevitable. Sports Physiotherapists help solve these problems by using sports specific Physiotherapy techniques.

Acute injuries or chronic and ongoing injuries that athletes have to deal with hinder their performance. With the proper treatment of Physiotherapy, an athlete can overcome the pain and get back to the peak performance level fast.

Physiotherapy is now a popular form of treatment for acute injuries and chronic pain. The massage and manipulation technique was considered to be a lesser form of treatment. It was thought to be a form that employed false tricks to exploit the minds of the gullible and desperate. But in the mid-20th century, Physiotherapy was found useful for its low-risk treatments that helped injured patients benefit fast.

Why athletes should consider Sports Physiotherapy

The alternatives to treating pain and injury are drugs or surgery. There are many implications involved when choosing either.

· Drugs might only suppress the pain but not cure it

Sedatives will keep the real problem at bay. It will not try to cure it as there is only so much that a drug could do. Most injured athletes go through an addiction of Vicotine and other drugs that only numbs the pain that is brought with the injury. This will only make the problem worse in the long term as an athlete keeps pushing himself with the injury still intact.

· Surgery might cause disability for a long term or even permanently

Going through surgery would mean to risk not playing the sport for a long time. Surgeries might involve procedures that could keep the athlete bedridden until he / she recovers. A wrongly diagnosed injury might ruin a complete career.

· Sports Physiotherapy involves the lowest risk in healing athletes

Sports Physiotherapy involves natural methods of massaging and exercising to recover torn muscle or sprained joints. This method helps accelerate the natural healing process of a person and doesn’t bring any side effects compared to drugs and surgery.

The most important factor is finding the root cause. Sports Physiotherapy will always focus on finding the root cause for the pain and doing specific exercises to assist solving that problem. This helps an athlete heal faster and get back to his / her game quick and without pain.

Therapists specializing in Sports Physiotherapy will focus on one specific sport. This brings a higher advantage to the athlete as the Physiotherapist will know his needs better than any other doctor. He will always focus on a solution to a problem which protects the athlete’s core muscles that assists his sport.

Although Sports Physiotherapy doesn’t use fancy technology and is not the most trendy thing to do, it is essential that athletes understand that, in the long run it is the most beneficial method of healing.

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